Software Programmer

Angie is a Bachelor's graduate of Information Technology known at her school for being a persistent person. Her desire to gain knowledge and develop skills resulted to improve her work performance. Being in the field of Web Programming she believes that optimism is a must. She’s taking logical difficult tasks as a challenge, focusing on what she can do about them and what she can do to make them better.

That characteristic of her was built because of the difficulties that she had been through. Angie had been in college three times with three different schools because of her financial status. She tried to work as a crew in food catering, sales clerk, brand ambassador, and even as a personal assistant to save up a little to continue her college for the third time, and with the help of her auntie that support her tuition fees, she finally finishes her bachelor course at STI College. Those struggles that she had will be her greatest motivation in life.

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