Jeffrey G. Ratushny



Jeff Ratushny has vast experience in software development, web development, business leadership, motivation, business growth consulting, sales, profit creation, and marketing strategy execution for businesses of all sizes. This extensive background allowed Jeff to realize there was a gap in the marketplace for a company to provide these solutions in a comprehensive manner to others. This is how was born – a dynamic software and web development company that offers complete business growth solutions.

Jeff's vision of offering a complete team of business building professionals and aggressive strategies to companies of all sizes quickly led ISR to become one of the largest software and web management companies in the country. As an enthusiastic leader, he spent years focused on developing all the services that ISR has to offer today. He is the creator of the Search Dominance Program (an aggressive approach to increasing business's profits utilizing strategic web properties) and constantly focuses on improvements in all areas of the complete ISR portfolio of programs and client tools.

Jeff ensures all clients and projects are given the attention they deserve by effectively leading the entire ISR Executive Team. It is important to him that all ISR clients get a positive return on any investment made. He is a gifted professional speaker, motivator, and trainer for sales organizations of all sizes and is available to all clients for personal consultations.

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