Web Programmer

I’m Rhemy Nabong Allid, Graduated in the year 2021 from Samar State University in Catbalogan City; I took the course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Being one of the students who have received a scholarship from the Government of Unifast the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) can help to finish my study in college, especially the expenses that I need every day. I am a kind of person as a fast learner, honest, and hardworking when it comes to a work purpose, and for every problem that I face I find the best way to solve it.

My hobbies are to listening music, and singing and also I love cooking. I came from a simple family but we are blessed and happy, we are content with what we receive in everyday life. My Family is one of the best gifts I receive in life.

My goal in life is to achieve success in life and to enhance my knowledge and skills as a fresh graduate. And most important is to support my parents needed.

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