Questions To Ask A Website Design Company Before Hiring Them

Not all website design projects are created equally. There are companies who are simply better than others when it comes to building a well designed website. One thing you can do to ensure that you hire the right company for the job is to ask the right questions.

It’s always nice to know how long and how much. While project estimates are just that, estimates, it’s always good to know. The scope of the project should be agreed upon in advance and the costs should be capped based on the agreed upon features and functionality of your new site.
By asking upfront how your website company plans on working with you and your team, you can judge whether your involvement will be enough for you or not. Are you going to collaborate on design? When will you see home pages? Secondary pages? How will the navigation be decided? All of these milestones are good opportunities for you to give approvals and keep the project moving forward.
You need to know who is responsible for optimizing the copy for your new website. You want to make sure the keywords are used in the page headlines, in the first line of copy and in the first paragraph on the page. If you use your keywords appropriately, your website will rank effectively on all the major search engines.

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