ISR Client “Sealed By Santa” Featured On ABC’s Shark Tank 12/9


DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sarah Blain loves Christmas, and her wish list may be checked off soon if a savvy “shark” sees her Santa-inspired potential during the December 9th airing of Shark Tank. The hit show’s producers chose the single “momtrepreneur” out of thousands of submissions to make her pitch for an investor in her bustling business, Sealed by Santa.

No stranger to running a successful business, Blain received her degree in graphic design and with one bright idea launched a line of graphic t-shirts that kept her family well provided for years. The interest eventually declined, leading Blain to look for something else.


Inspired by her “obsession” with all things Christmas, Blain created Sealed by Santa. With the help of (a large digital media company), her vision was brought to life over the internet. Lasting memories are made with customized letters printed on gold parchment sent to each child. The letters are shipped to the North Pole for the official North Pole Postmark and include a special Santa seal, message and notification if the child made it on the “Nice List.” Additionally, gift packages are available including a cocoa pack which comes with a letter, cocoa mug and Santa’s favorite hot chocolate, as well as an ornament pack which comes with an annual ornament made by one of Santa’s elves. Sealed by Santa also offers a frame-worthy Nice List Certificate, video from Santa and evidence kits to prove that Santa was there. Summer letters are available too, reminding children it is half way to Christmas and to make sure they are being good.

Amanda Elias, who is president of, a marketing company who works with Sealed By Santa, handles the software end and printing of the letters.

“Sarah is very passionate about the project and I love her business model,” she said. “We’re very excited she got to be on ‘Shark Tank.'”

The pitch on Shark Tank was for an investor to join Sealed by Santa for a 25% stake in the business in order for Blain to expand the business with a focus on letters from the Easter Bunny, as well as to improve the quality of the videos from Santa and to expand the business’s marketing. Blain cannot share the outcome of the meeting, but is thrilled by the continued success of Sealed by Santa. Last year the 10 year old company netted more than six-figures, and the hardworking businesswoman is proud to say her company has always earned a profit. However, as important as the success of the business is to her, Blain takes equal pleasure in the delight of more than 100,000 children that Sealed by Santa brings each year.

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